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Returns and Warranty Information.

If you happen to have a problem with your purchase, then you will need to lodge a return request with our customer services team through the Contact email address you will receive when a purchase is made.

"PLEASE NOTE as this is a trademe friendly site you wont see any contact details here, you will receive contact details with your purchase through our Trademe sales, or if you purchase through our sister site you will see a Contact Us page on the site".

We will then get in touch with you to find out the full details of the problem. If it is a fault with the product you will be asked to send it back to us or place of purchase.

Think of us as being like a normal shop - when you buy something and you have a problem, you take it back to the store. We run on the same principle, so shipping is at your cost.

You need to bear in mind that we will repair and/or replace faulty goods, but won't necessarily refund them unless we are unable to repair or replace. This is as per our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

We also won't take goods back for "buyer’s remorse" - if you change your mind, there's no refunds sorry, however if you have genuinely have Chosen the wrong model size etc, you are welcome to see our friendly staff who will be willing to see what can be arranged, perhaps exchange or credit note.